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Jeffrey's Spring Collection

As we all hunger for Spring, our crew here at Jeffrey's Flowers would like to introduce you to our World of Spring Blooms. Mother's Day is fast approaching and prom season too, and all the Spring Flower varieties we love so much are becoming more and more available. So if you have Spring gatherings for Mother's Day, family birthdays, or Anniversary celebrations to plan, or want to send some "Get Well Soon" wishes we've got you covered. Flowers are a fantastic way to surprise someone you love with a specialty custom design created just for them. Enjoy the inspiration, we look forward to creating some Spring Flower Magic for you.

Please Note: Seasonally flower varieties currently available change from day to day, and week to week. Also, the number of different varieties also increases as the days get longer and warmer. This is the reason we focus on seasonality, and currently available flowers for our offerings. For our different selections on our website, this is why we focus on sharing inspirational imagery of style and what we can custom-create for you and those you are sending flowers. So please be aware that selecting an image on our website is primarily an inspiration point for our designers to then create a curated specialty custom design for you. Every single bloom is different so it is impossible to "Copy" a picture. This is why we focus on creating custom one-of-a-kind gifts for you. If you have any questions regarding specific flower varieties please don't hesitate to ask, we are always here to help.