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Jeffrey's Summer Blooms

Jeffrey's Summer Blooms Collection is all about celebrating the very best flowers of the season. It's a blending of our finest imported blooms mingling with specialty flowers grown right here by our Best Local Flower Farmers. This collection is all about the creativity of our fantastic Design Team as all of the selections here are "Designer's Choice". This means we will carefully curate the best quality flowers we currently have available in your desired color palette taking into special consideration of your specific occasion. Maybe you are looking for flowers for a special Summertime Birthday Celebration or Anniversary party, or maybe just a fun summertime Barbeque. Fantastic SUmmertime Flowers are one of the best ways to make a party a real celebration. Flowers are one of the most iconic gifts your recipient will enjoy for days to come whatever the occasion. Let's create some Flower Magic for your next Summertime Occasion.

As our local growing season progresses, the flower varieties we currently have available change every week. Flowers are a delicate perishable crop that the weather conditions can dramatically affect. This is why we focus our summertime design selections to focus very much on a "Farm to Table" philosophy. This is how we ensure you and your recipient receive the finest quality flowers available. We look forward to creating for you.