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Christmas Designers Choice

Christmas Designers Choice


Our 'Christmas Designer's Choice' might be just the thing this holiday season if you have a special gift to get, but aren't quite sure what. If you are just looking for something completely one-of-a-kind this is one of the best ways to get it. Flowers for Christmas have always been an exceptionally special gift as they were rare back in the day. For that reason, alone Flowers for Christmas were highly desired. Usually, a combination of fragrant winter greenery combined with delicate specialty flowers always made the arrival of a flower shop delivery van extra special. Now, today for Christmas 2021, the desire, expectation, and surprise of the delivery are just as special.

For our special 'Christmas Designer's Choice', we make sure to use our creative flair to fulfill all the special surprises. We'll combine a beautiful selection of specialty greenery and mingle in a variety of specialty flowers, and holiday accents for a flower bouquet filled with Christmas magic. Receiving flowers for Christmas will always be special as they add an air of festive celebration. For your Designer's Choice, our fantastic design crew will use only the finest blooms available to create your holiday magic. Depending on the price point you select, you can be sure that with each increase your design will get bigger, lusher, and definitely more fabulous. If you are so inclined, you could even order one for yourself. Flowers are good for everybody. and here at Jeffrey's Flowers, we firmly believe this. Christmas Magic is a real thing.

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