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Happy Time
Flower Delivery from a Local Florist
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Product Description

When you need a Florist in Camp Hill, or maybe Mechanicsburg, and you are just needing a little 'Happy Time' Jeffrey's Flowers has it. This little cutie of bright fresh Roses, Sunflowers, and seasonal greens is full of Happy for any occasion. Let us deliver some flower magic for you today... it will get you some smiles!

If our Happy Time is a good flower delivery choice for you, let us share some helpful tips with you. These will ensure that your recipient gets to enjoy their flowers for as long as possible.

1. first, all our flower deliveries go out to their recipients with a special care and handling tag with some tips to help keep their flowers fresh. When your recipient first receives their flowers they should first check the water level in the container. Usually, during the delivery process, it's expected that some of the water in the container will splash out. So it's a good idea to refill any lost water to as high a level in the container as possible.

Depending on what style of design and container the flowers are in. if possible it's a good idea to try to change all of the water in the container every couple of days at least. This greatly helps to keep the cut ends of the flower stems open to receive the water and draw the water up to the flower head.

fresh cut flowers do mature and age, that's natural. That's why flowers are extra special, they aren't supposed to live forever. Their beauty is fleeting, however, it's surprising how long they can last for us to enjoy them. As your recipient's flowers mature if any of the individual flowers start to wilt. It might be possible to get a little more life out of them. Try taking those wilted flowers out of the arrangement and recut the stems and put them in another container with fresh clean water at room temperature and allow them to drink for at least a couple of hours. It's very possible these flowers will perk right back up and become turgid again. When they do they can be placed back into the arrangement for more enjoyment.

For the longest possible life out of your cut flowers. the number one thing that makes the biggest difference is keeping the water level in the container as full as possible.

Do be assured, our staff at Jeffrey's Flowers wants your recipient to get the very best flowers possible. So we only buy the finest and freshest flowers available. All of our imported products, as well as our seasonal locally grown flowers, are always the absolute top quality possible. Our product, style, and experience are what sets our design team apart from the competition. Why not experience the difference?

Happy Time


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