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Jeffrey's Monthly Flower Subscription $75.00 per mo.
Flower Delivery from a Local Florist
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Product Description

As a special gift, our seasonal flower subscriptions are a great way to send beautiful, fresh flowers on a monthly basis to someone you love including yourself. We think buying gifts for yourself is just as good as for someone else, and if that gift is flowers even better.

What you or your recipient will get each month will be completely different. Your flowers will be very fresh and of the season for each month. So each month the flower delivery will be a complete and welcomed surprise. Each month's delivery can be done any day of the week except Sundays or Holidays that we are closed. The delivery date for each consecutive month will be the same but maybe adjusted per holidays or if the selected date falls on a Sunday. Delivery dates can also be adjusted and rescheduled ahead of time if a vacation or illness comes up as an example.

If your subscription is a gift, the card message for each month will be the same as your first month's delivery unless adjusted ahead of the scheduled delivery date. You can either place your order by phone or place your order online. If you choose to place your order online, each consecutive month's delivery date will be the same unless as otherwise noted above or prescheduled. Please give us a call at the shop with any schedule or card message adjustments.

All flower subscriptions can be purchased for 3 consecutive months, 6 consecutive months, or 12 consecutive months.

Jeffrey's Monthly Flower Subscription $75.00 per mo.


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