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Rosie Lemonade

Rosie Lemonade


A little lemonade to go with your Roses on a hot Summer afternoon is a beautiful thing. In this flower bouquet, we mix beautiful seasonal blooms like Zinnias, Dahlia, and Carnations with these gorgeous yellow Roses. We would love to deliver this to Harrisburg for you if you're interested.

People often ask us if we only deliver in Mechanicsburg and the answer to that is no. We actually deliver to the greater Central Pennsylvania area. Carlisle, Camphill, Enola, Harrisburg, Hershey, and all the surrounding areas is part of our service area. As an example, if you do need a florist in Harrisburg, we can definitely make something special for a flower delivery there. Harrisburg is definitely part of our neighborhood.

If you would like to have flowers delivered and you discover it needs to be done soon. Our 'Rosie Lemonade' is a really great choice as if we don't already have one done, we can generally put one together quite quickly and get it out the door for delivery. If you happen to be ordering online past our cutoff time for same-day delivery, give us a call at the shop and place your order by phone, we very likely can still get a delivery out for you.

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