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Summertime Shortcake

Summertime Shortcake


Eating shortcake in the Summer with luscious summer berries on a hot afternoon is true bliss. This sweet little number gives us the same feeling. This modern design we create in a classic cylinder vase with washed river stone. Beautiful pink Roses make us think of summer berries accented with seasonal local blooms such as Zinnias, Dahlia, and Sweet William. It's sure to put a smile on the face of anyone in our Mechanicsburg neighborhood.

If you have been searching for a Florists near you, especially if you need a Harrisburg Florist, that's us! Harrisburg, Pa. is definitely part of our neighborhood and we deliver flowers to the greater Harrisburg area every day. We have been serving the Harrisburg for over 30 years, and we enjoy being your independent local florist. We aren't affiliated with any of the old traditional wire services. When you order from Jeffrey's flowers you aren't going to be paying a lot of extra fees that you don't actually get anything for. Your recipient in Harrisburg is truly going to receive a special one of a kind flower delivery. So the next time you need flowers delivered in Harrisburg our crew is ready to create some flower magic just for you.

During the Summer season, this is one of our absolute favorites create. Roses are always a favorite cut flower any time of year, but during the Summer we get to have more fun with flower arrangements like this one. Summer always enables us to use a lot more of the flowers grown by our wonderful local flower farmers.

When we do get the product from our amazing local flower farmers, we always go a little crazy. Colors, fragrance, and longevity are all more prominent with the local flowers. From an Artists's point of view, that's what allows us to play, to use our creativity. That means your flower recipient will get something truly unique.

Whoever is to receive these beautiful blooms, we'll make sure they get special instructions to ensure the flowers last for them as long as possible. Some helpful tips for you anytime you get flowers are the same. 1. First, whenever your flowers get to their final destination be sure to check the water level in the container. You always want to make sure the water level stays nice and high. Anytime you do get a flower gift. If you ever get a bloom or two that seem to not be drinking water very well. Carefully take them out of the arrangement and recut the stem and place it in fresh clean room temperature water with a little flower food. Let them hydrate for a couple of hours and they should perk back up, then you can put them back in your arrangement to enjoy.

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