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Sunshine Day
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Product Description

'Sunshine Day' is the kind of flower design or flower bouquet that just makes people happy. Sunshine is what gives us life, helps put us in a good mood, and helps us feel and share the love. If you didn't know, the color yellow comes with a lot of power for our benefit. As humans, if we happen to be feeling under the weather, sick, or recovering Being in the presence of yellow Flowers helps us get better faster. Having flowers and also plants around us in our homes and offices helps to create a positive atmosphere, makes us better problem solvers, and much more. So you might say our 'Sunshine Day' is a flower bouquet packed with power.

This bouquet is created with a variety of specialty flowers all in shades of yellow with a few accenting delicate blooms. Depending on the season, the varieties of flowers featured is ever-changing so the mix of flowers is frequently slightly different than pictured. This is actually one of the ways you know your flower bouquet was created and bespoke just for you. Here at Jeffrey's Flowers, we feel that's much better than having something mass-produced, or copied from a picture that thousands of other shops are trying to create the exact same thing. To us, there isn't anything special about that. Our goal is to share a little flower magic with you and the special people in your life.

So, we hope if you happen to be looking for a special flower delivery, maybe for a same-day flower delivery, our crew here at Jeffrey's Flowers is ready to share an extraordinary flower-buying experience. Many of our local neighbors consider us the Best Flower Shop in Mechanicsburg, PA. You can also be sure that we are a real local Florist. If you do a Google search for Florists in Mechanicsburg, PA. Many of the first listings you see in your search results are not real Florists, and they also are not local. All that said, when you do order from Jeffrey's Flowers in Mechanicsburg, PA, you're going to get fantastic service and great quality products to the full value of your order. So if you're ready, place your order today and we'll help make some flower magic for you.

Sunshine Day

This is a taller-style flower bouquet suitable for a Sofa Table. Kitchen Island, or possibly a Buffet


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