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Garden Blush
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Product Description

'Garden Blush' now at the start of the Spring season is one lovely flower bouquet anyone would love to receive. Sending a gift of flowers to anyone for any occasion is a way we can express our love and care for the people in our lives. Soft blushy colors of spring are showcased beautifully in this design and it really is a celebration of all the seasonal Spring flowers available now at this time of year. Created in a modern clear glass vase, this is a design we really wanted to focus on the beauty of the seasonal blooms. When looking for a special flower gift this design style is quite versatile. As pictured you see the standard price point. For a larger bouquet with some real presence, you might want to consider the deluxe or premium size. No matter which size you select, this bouquet could easily be used as a centerpiece, enjoyed on a coffee table, or even the kitchen island. Where ever this bouquet is displayed it will definitely help bring a little Spring indoors.

Providing such amazing flowers such as these with our local neighbors is what we love to do. Providing exceptional flowers and service to our local clients, we are delivering a lot of smiles along with our flowers throughout the area. Our flower shop is centrally located in Mechanicsburg, PA, but maybe you need a special flower delivery over in Carlisle, PA, or maybe you've been hunting for something a bit more unique than the standard flower shop fair. These are all things we can definitely do for you.

Garden Blush


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