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Outdoor Jeffrey's Planters


Our much-anticipated Summer blooming outdoor planters have arrived! As usual, people have been asking about our Jeffrey's Flowers for weeks. People have been wanting to know what's going to be in them, what are they going to look like?? Well, they are here, and as usual, they are probably going to sell out really fast. So, to help ensure you can get the styles you like most, we encourage you to order online soon or stop by the shop to personally make your selections.

As usual, our outdoor Jeffrey's Planters are available in several different styles, they all have a slightly different mix of blooming plants, and we have an assortment of low deck planters and taller upright styles and hanging baskets too. You are welcome to stop by to select your favorites, or we are happy to select and deliver them for you as well. Do make sure to order yours soon, they won't last very long.

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