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Roses X 2
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'Roses X 2' is one of those classics, can't go wrong with selections for Valentine's Day or actually any day you want to send a very special gift of flowers. Our roses, direct from Ecuador, are the freshest available and we generally always have a variety of colors available. Our classic Red Roses vary by variety, sometimes we have a variety called 'Freedom', and another one of our favorites is called 'Explorer'. These red Roses we love for a variety of reasons. 1. They are both varieties that have a high petal count and open to that classic Roses form, and 2. The blooms are nice and big. This show-stopper bouquet of 2 dozen roses will definitely earn some smiles, maybe some "Wow", and maybe a little jealousy from others who didn't get any.

When it comes to Roses, we're pretty sure we have the best in the area especially because of how fresh they are. Generally, all the roses you see anywhere in the USA are imported from Columbia and Ecuador and the best ones are definitely from Ecuador. Now if you are looking for "Cheap" Roses, we don't have those. If you can find some "Cheap Roses" anywhere that usually indicates they are old, a substandard quality that doesn't perform well. Our Roses are not old. In fact, many of our flowers, including Roses, are from Ecuador. All of these flowers arrive at our door just 4 short days after harvesting. That's what makes a difference for you.

Now, If this sounds like what you are looking for, but maybe you are looking for a different color, give us a call at the shop to learn what colors we'll have available for you. Red, pink, and white are pretty standard for us, but we often also have yellow, Orange, Peach tones, and lavender shades... every week is slightly different. So if you do happen to be looking for a slightly different color variety of Rose, just give us a call and we can let you know what's available.

Roses X 2

Nothing says luxury like a truly fresh arrangement of 2 dozen of our finest Roses from Ecuador. As presented here in a classic upright style for the long-stemmed Roses.

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