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Candle Glow

Candle Glow


'Candle Glow' during the darker days of Autumn and Winter candlelight can create an atmosphere of warmth, comfort, and spending time with family and friends. Throughout the ages, a special gift of flowers has always been a beloved and cherished addition to any home gathering to celebrate the holiday season. When we consider Thanksgiving, a beautiful centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table, one with a candle would add that desired warmth and glow for the dark Autumn nights. Any flower bouquet at this time of year is so loved as it reminds us of bright sunny days. They share their amazing color variations which also do wonders for adding to the mood of they day.

In our 'Candle Glow', we have collected a beautiful assortment of seasonal flowers and fall foliage that all combine beautifully for this style centerpiece. For this design the candle definitely provides the glow, the flowers share their color and fragrance, and the lush foliage adds texture and fullness. As pictured we are sharing our standard-size version of this bouquet. At the deluxe and premium price points of your chosen centerpiece, the bouquet gets larger with more flowers and foliage for a grander display for any table.

If you would like to have these Thanksgiving flowers delivered to someone special in your life consider placing your order soon. The sooner we receive your order will enable us to create and deliver your bouquet on time for your chosen delivery date. If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out, we are here to help. So if you're ready to place your order, we're ready to make things festive. Available for a same-day flower delivery in Mechanicsburg, PA, we also deliver to our neighbors in Harrisburg, PA, Carlisle, Camp Hill, and all the surrounding townships of central Pennsylvania.

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