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'Thankful Home' for a truly thankful celebration this Thanksgiving holiday. Flowers traditionally are one of the ways we celebrate, we celebrate births and birthdays, special life occasions, and of course holidays like Thanksgiving. So, this year we celebrate with Autumn color, fabulous seasonal flowers, and accents of the Fall harvest. In our 'Thankful Home' this season, we have a beautiful selection of seasonal flowers to create with. Flower availability this season is a little crazy and many varieties are difficult to get if they are even available. With all of these issues, we are pulling out all the stops. Using our years of experience and design techniques, we are going to be creating amazing flower bouquets like this one for you and those you love. There may be slight variations as all flowers are slightly different as nature intended. That's why we love flowers so much and we're sure you will too.

If you are thinking of sending some amazing flowers to those you love this Thanksgiving, we have some ordering suggestions for you. When sending a special gift of flowers to anyone any time of the year timing is everything. If this design is the one that speaks to you, we encourage you to place your order as soon as possible. This will help us be able to make sure we have a beautiful assortment of blooms available for your order. Lastly, when you are placing your order one of the pieces of information that sometimes people leave out is a good contact phone number for the recipient. This alone is one of the things that can cause major issues and delays with getting your delivery done in a timely manner. All that said, we have everything in place to give you a fabulous flower buying experience this Thanksgiving.

As always, we will be doing flower deliveries throughout the greater Central Pennsylvania area. Our shop is located in Mechanicsburg, PA, but we'll be delivering to all our neighbors in Carlisle, PA, over in Harrisburg, PA, Camp Hill, PA, and all the surrounding townships. We are so excited to be creating holiday magic for you and yours this holiday season.

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