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'Tropic Holiday' might be just the thing if you have a special someone that loves all things Tropical. It makes sense when you consider we live in the northern hemisphere, and we're in a part of the country that gets downright cold this time of year. So the thought of just about anything Tropical not only makes us smile, but you might get that "Ah" factor. With our 'Tropic Holiday' we've made a point to combine traditional seasonal blooms with some amazing tropical Protea. Protea is one of those tropical flowers that lends itself beautifully to floral design created for the Fall and Winter holidays. One additional bonus we get with any kind of tropical flower is longevity. Tropical flowers of all kinds last an incredibly long time. In addition, when it comes to these gorgeous proteas, not only do they last a long time, but they also dry really well too.

If you would like to have some tropical flowers delivered in Harrisburg, PA, or right here in Mechanicsburg, PA, or any of the surrounding townships, we would love to do that for you. If our 'Tropic Holiday' is the one for you. This is one of our selections where you would benefit from ordering as soon as possible. Specifically Thanksgiving week, we will have only a certain amount of tropical Proteas. Because of the limited supply of these beauties, once they are gone they're gone. So be sure to order soon.

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