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Honor The Memory
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With Sympathy Flowers, a design like our 'Honor the Memory' is an elevated presentation that is understated elegance at its best. As with all of our designs for Sympathy Flowers, we very much treat what you are seeing as inspiration for the custom piece we create for you and possibly your family. This standing wreath comes on an easel which helps give a design like this some real presence. As pictured this design featured a color theme of blue, white, and red, however a design such as this would look beautiful in a lot of other color variations. A color theme of all whites and greens would be stunning, Depending on what kind of color theme you might like, we could at the deluxe and premium price points also include other more premium flowers. As one example we could add Tropical Flowers in colors appropriate, Orchids would also be a wonderful blossom to include in a design like this.

Now as for ordering Sympathy flowers, you can definitely place your order online here on our website. However, ordering Sympathy Flowers is such a personal selection that we find most people wanting to order Sympathy Flowers make a point of giving us a call or stopping into the shop. This enables us to provide a more personal approach to assisting you with your flower purchase.

As with all special flower purchases, like for Sympathy Flowers, the sooner you can place your order the better... especially if we are needing to order anything specifically for your order. As for delivering your flowers if we are doing that for you, typically we want to get your flowers where they are going at least an hour prior to the start of the service or any viewing. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out, we are here to help.

Honor The Memory



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