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Christmas Collection

Christmas... This is the season many of us have been waiting for, and many of us need this year in 2021. After more than a year of uncertainty and not much celebrating of holidays, We are ready! Whether we are working to create Christmas and holiday decor for our own homes, or possibly wanting to send a special someone a fabulous gift of Christmas Flowers, our crew here at Jeffrey's Flowers is ready to make it happen. This year we have just about anything you could possibly want to make a Holiday Season. Christmas Tree ornaments for your tree, holiday decor of all kinds, Christmas wreaths, fresh holiday greenery, and beautiful flowers. Our Flower Shop is completely decked out and ready to show off lots of holiday inspiration for a fabulous holiday Season. Please note, this holiday season with all of the fabulous we can create, product shortages and availability is causing some challenges for our Floral Industry. With all of our different offerings on our website, and in our Flower Shop, think of them as an inspirational starting point for us to create a beautiful bespoke design just for you. It's possible if you select a specific item, we might need to make some substitutions. In these situations, we like to think of them as creative opportunities. Ultimately, we strive to create a gift of flowers that are just as unique as the flowers themselves. So, if you're ready, we are here to help create some Holiday Magic! Think of us as Santa's "Other Workshop".

Thank you for selecting Jeffrey's Flowers as your favorite Florist in Mechanicsburg, PA. Choosing to purchase from a locally owned business here in Mechanicsburg, PA helps to strengthen our small business community here in Central Pennsylvania. Our small local businesses are a big part of what makes our Town a thriving, fun place to call home.

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